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athenahealth Services and Solutions

athenaFlow and athenaPractice EHR Service Offerings

Professional Healthcare IT Services for athenaFlow and athenaPractice (previously known as Centricity).

Our athenahealth professional IT experts become a part of your team, working side by side to serve, train, and optimize your athenahealth EHR systems. MTS will help your athenaPractice and athenaFlow EHRs maintain peak clinical, financial, and operational efficiency.

Cloud Hosting

Smart Visit provides a one-stop shop for pre-visit planning, allowing physicians to review all the day’s patients at a glance with single click option to complete items. It’s the perfect solution for efficiency, organization, and peace of mind.

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MTS ITCare Support

Our experienced ITCare professionals will shadow your providers and staff to understand their workflow needs and technology usage. We support your cloud-based or in-house systems with staff training, software configuration, technology, optimization, and on-call support for key applications to improve efficiency and optimize your workflows.

  • Staff Training
  • Software Configuration
  • Technology Optimization
  • On-Call Support for Key Applications

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MTS AppCare Support

Let us leverage the advantages of your athenahealth systems. We can properly maintain, optimize, and navigate your systems for you so you can focus on patient care. Our dedicated ITCare team and EHR specialists will ensure your practice works the way your athenahealth EHR works.

  • Business Hours, Remote Support, and 24/7 Emergency Support
  • EHR Training
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • EHR Software Upgrades, Enhancement Releases, Bug and Compliance Fixes
  • Access to medication, formulary, and clinical data loader updates.

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MTS Revenue Cycle Management

Billing services, cost containment strategies, and ancillary healthcare consulting services customized to meet the needs of your practice, MTS can guarantee stellar support that ensures your practice runs smoothly while simultaneously keeping your financially healthy.

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athenaFlow and athenaPractice
EHR Solutions

Professional Healthcare Solutions for athenaFlow and athenaPractice (previously known as Centricity).

These Med Tech Solutions offerings complement your athenaFlow and athenaPractice EHRs and are designed to make your systems run smarter and faster.

CareFinity Live Archive

Reduce data size and increases application speeds. Archive data from the athenaFlow or athenaPractice EHR systems based on the tailored criteria you set. The archive criteria can include the inactivity of patients or the age of records. View that archived data through the CareFinity application, which is embedded in your EHR, and return archived records to your system upon demand.

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CareBridge Interface Engine

Integrate your athenaFlow or athenaPractice EHR with all other health IT systems to create a truly interconnected network of patient data information systems. Our ONC-certified interface engine delivers the right data to the right place at the right time and creates a truly connected healthcare network. CareBridge eliminates wasted time jumping from application to application by combining patient data from various disparate systems into a unified view of the patient.

CareFinity EHR Archive

CareFinity EHR Archive provides all the functions necessary to work with archived charts and meet regulatory needs, including printing and exporting for ROI, user access tracking, and patient search capabilities. It can also integrate with existing athenahealth EHR systems so that clinical staff can access archived chart information directly from the patient chart in their EHR.

CareFinity EHR Downtime

A comprehensive EHR downtime solution - CareFinity EHR Downtime solution will equip your clinical team with the data they need to provide care in any situation that causes EHR downtimes, like Internet interruptions and power outages. It's a comprehensive business continuity solution that will save your healthcare organization from the lost revenue caused by short-term EHR and health IT system outages.

Immunization Solution for State Reporting *NEW

This solution includes two separate interfaces: one allows users to upload unsolicited vaccines to the state in which they are located; the other queries that state for immunizations for particular patients. Combined they reduce possible errors and prevent potential duplication of vaccinations for patients.

Security Services

HITRUST risk-based, certified and HIPPA-compliant security is at the heart of all of our services. We will help you sleep soundly at night knowing that our 24/7 SOC and NOC are on the job. Ask us about it.