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Medical Software Solutions

Unify your EHR and health systems

Take control of your business-critical and life-critical patient data

Your medical organization relies on many disparate health IT systems, devices, and software applications to empower clinicians to provide exceptional patient care.

The problem is, managing these systems and networks is a full time job. You need experts in healthcare and technology. Med Tech Solutions has both.

No matter which EHR vendor or vendors your healthcare organization uses, our EHR and health IT consultants have the technology and expertise to simplify your HR operations, streamline workflows, reduce clicks, and make your technology more efficient and connected.

Medical Software Solutions

Our connectivity platform comprises user-friendly technology interfaces, robust business continuity (BC) solutions, and other mission-critical health IT and workflow solutions such as data conversions and migrations, secure application hosting, and mobile EHR access.

We provide technology that works the way your practice works, providing healthcare delivery organizations with products and services to unify disparate EHR and health IT systems, achieve regulatory compliance, and optimize patient care delivery.

With the right technology and workflows in place, healthcare providers can access pertinent patient data from any location at any time, ensuring efficient and timely clinical decisions are made in the best interest of the patient.

Additional Software Solutions
eMedApps Community Health Cloud

See Beyond your EHR

eMedApps MyDocCheckin

Your Digital Waiting Room and Remote Check In Solution

CareBridge™ Integration Platform

Create a truly interconnected network of patient data

Solutions for your NextGen EHR

athenahealth Solutions

Seamless System Integration

Because we recognize that searching multiple systems for patient information can be time-consuming and unreliable, we developed eMedApps CareBridge™, a robust integration platform that delivers data where and when you need it. eMedApps CareBridge™ integrates your with all other health IT systems to create a truly interconnected network of patient data.

Our ONC-certified, vendor-neutral EHR integration engine breaks down the barriers associated with proprietary technology, combining patient data from various disparate systems into a unified view of the patient.
eMedApps CareBridge™ delivers data to the right place at the right time, allowing you to:
  • Easily share and manage data
  • Access data across different healthcare enterprises and information systems
  • Meet MACRA requirements
  • Data Conversion | Migrate data to a new EHR
  • Partner with a health information exchange (HIE)
  • Integrate two disparate EHR systems during a merger, acquisition, or other transition.
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EHR Optimization

Optimize your EHR to support your workflows

MTS offers a full suite of EHR Optimization services.

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