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CareFinity® live archive

Decrease Chart Load Time and Reclaim Space in your EHR Database

CareFinity® Live Archive includes CareFinity EHR Downtime

We know that many organizations have patients with thousands of visits recorded in their EHR system. We also know that some of these organizations would like to be able to remove some of that data, at least temporarily, in order to conserve space and increase system performance.

  • Archive patient records from your EHR based on criteria you set
  • View the archived records in CareFinity from within your EHR system
  • Restore archived patient records back to the EHR upon demand
  • Purge clinical and financial data from your EHR application to free up space from the database, as well as protect the practice by purging patients that have not been seen within a set period of time.
CareFinity, the EHR downtime and archive solution, has a new cousin, CareFinity Live Archive

CareFinity Live Archive allows organizations to remove clinical information from the live NextGen or athenaHealth EHR system based on criteria that can be selected and maintained by the clinic. The criteria choices include archiving based on the age of the data as well as the length of patient inactivity. The data elements to be archived can also be selected.

Advantages of CareFinity Live Archive

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  • Increase speed when loading patients with a high volume of visits
  • Reclaim space in your EHR database
  • View Clinical, Billing, and Significant Events
  • CareFinity Live Archive includes CareFinity EHR Downtime so you can view charts, schedules, and financials even when the EHR is unavailable, whether planned or unplanned
  • Auto archive patients that are expired
  • Auto-restore patients who are now on the 
appointment schedule
  • Print and export records
  • View all documents & images
  • Audit logs of user access
  • Remove and archive clinical data from EHR system
  • Restore archived clinical data to EHR from archive
  • 2 Factor Authentication

Clinical Views

The patient dashboard provides a top-level summary with detailed drill-downs for Problems, Allergies, Medications, Visits, Labs, Orders, Documents, Images, Vitals, and more at your fingertips.


Patient Financials

The patient’s financial summary is easily accessible with encounter details available at the click of a button.


Significant Events

View patient centric events such as address changes and patient record views.