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EHR Optimization

Don’t let key aspects of your EHR implementation get lost in translation.

Our experts will give your team a full understanding of all the "advanced" features.

Quality Programs

Federal quality programs drive change in our industry. Knowing the details is critical to your bottom line.

There has been significant change in the Healthcare space over the past few years. The most significant impact has come out of the government and payer space. There are many quality programs that are driving much of the change in the industry. These programs will have a direct impact on your reimbursement so knowing the details of the program is critical to your bottom line.

Planning for Quality Programs

Quality Program Specifics

Implementing Quality Programs

Knowing How to Submit Data

Planning for Quality Programs

Early planning for quality programs will assist you in performing at your best. The majority of these programs are looking for quality performance along with utilizing your Electronic Health Record. System and workflow changes will most likely be required to perform well. Our team of clinical consultants work directly beside our quality program experts to assist you with the best results possible. We will assist you in understanding the important pieces of whatever quality program you are participating in.

Quality Program Specifics

We know quality program specifics:

  • Who are the Particiants
  • What are the Program Requirements/Measures
  • When are the Submission Deadlines
  • Where are the Submissions Completed
  • Why is this Program Important

Implementing Quality Programs

We know how to implement quality programs. Our team not only understands the program requirements but we will also work with you to implement those requirements into your systems and workflows. Our clinical consultants know the program details.

  • Quality Program Requirements
  • EHR System Requirements
  • Clinical Workflows
  • Best Practices for capturing and reporting on Quality Data

Knowing How to Submit Data

We know how to submit data. Participating in a Quality Program and capturing the data is only half the battle. To get credit for the program you will most likely have to submit the data in a specified format. Our team of database experts know how to get data out of your system in a format that meets your submission requirements.

Our team strives to fill in the gaps between your practice and the many moving pieces in the current Healthcare reform market. Our goal is to see you succeed and to not only avoid negative impact to your reimbursements but to leverage incentive programs to increase your reimbursements.

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MTS AppCare

Making your EHR work the way your practice works

Your clinicians – and your patients – rely on the EHR system to meet their needs. Is your system properly maintained, optimized and ready to perform whenever you need it? Is your internal EHR team overwhelmed and unable to focus on important projects?

The experts on the MTS IT Care Team understand how to leverage the advantages of each EHR platform, navigate their quirks, and handle the challenges you may have with your specific application – whether it’s NextGen, athenaPractice, Veradigm, eCW, or another. By continually employing optimization strategies and implementing proactive fixes across our entire customer base, we aim to reduce the workload for your staff and leadership team.

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Virtual CIO Services

Expert advice and a strategic approach to IT

For many practices, day-to-day issues can get in the way of long-term strategic planning. IT staff rarely have the time to focus on deeply understanding the practice, workflows, and technology infrastructure, and work with the management team to create long-term plans. Our virtual CIO services can supplement your staff to help the IT infrastructure keep pace with your business, patient needs, and the regulatory environment. Turn to our virtual CIO’s for technology and budget planning, security and compliance assistance, clinical workflow optimization, infrastructure best practices and growth management, and disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) planning.

Compliance & Regulations

A secure, compliant, vendor-agnostic approach to interoperability

Med Tech Solutions is one of an elite group of worldwide IT organizations who have taken the steps necessary to achieve HITRUST certification for our cloud platform. Our HITRUST Risk-based, two-year (r2) certification eases compliance processes and offers confidence in the industry’s most rigorous security framework.

HITRUST was built specifically for healthcare. It consolidates more than 15 standards and regulations, including HIPAA, PCI, COBIT, NIST, ISO, FTC, and state laws, as well as leading practice frameworks for security and compliance.

Clinical Systems Training Packages

Plan to succeed

Planning to successfully train your entire staff can seem like a daunting task. Often, vendors have a standard training agenda that is not customized to your business needs or workflows. We find that this does not promote successful training of providers and staff. We like to understand more about your practice and users before we develop a customized clinical systems training package that includes not only your EHR but also any system that interfaces with your EHR system.

Our Clinical Systems Training Packages include:

Custom survey tools to assess current knowledge level used before and after training

Development of an ongoing training plan to meet your long term needs for new users and system optimization

Various Types of Training Delivery Methods (Often Used in Combination):

  • Computer Based Training
  • Instructor Led On-Site Training
  • Instructor Led WebEx Training
  • Self-Study Guides

Development of customized training materials that users can reference before, during and after training

Clinical and administrative workflows documented with all necessary steps as well as "why" these steps are important

Having a good clinical systems training package is only a portion of a successful training program.

It is also important to have the correct trainers. We feel it is best to have someone with experience in the clinical environment to train your practice. They understand the busy pace and demands of a practice and can put real world and system expertise together.

Our Clinical Systems Trainers…
  • Have years of clinical and ambulatory practice experience
  • Understand the demands of a busy practice
  • Will work around your schedule
  • Are experts in clinical applications
  • Work with all level of staff members including providers
Our training packages are fully customized to your needs.

We allow you to get the most out of training so that you can best use your system and maximize your provider and staff time when using their Electronic Health Record.

Clinical Content Development

Maximize your clinical content and make it work for you

The majority of a provider’s a time in the EHR is spent documenting office visits and phone calls. If you are not maximizing your clinical content, you most likely have unhappy providers who are inefficiently using the system.

We make the system work for you. The needs of your specialty, staff, patients, and personal preferences allows for the maximum benefit. Our consultants have very extensive knowledge and experience in creating customized clinical content.

athenahealth Experience:

  • Encounter Form Editor
  • Visual Form Editor/HTML Form Building (ClinicalForge)
  • CCC Text File Editor
  • MEL Programming Language

NextGen Experience:

  • Template Editor
  • Document Builder
  • SQL Experience

We focus on topics like this to make your system better:

Automated Orders & Billing based on Documentation

Quality Dashboards that are Interactive and Allow Quick Documentation

Easy Click Buttons for Adding Problems, Medications and Allergies

Narrative Notes with Point and Click Options

Displaying and Using Previous Data

Streamlined Immunization Documentation

We have a very large library of forms that are mostly FREE! Yes, we said FREE! We promote the sharing of content from one organization to another as much as possible. We strive to bring collaboration into form building and between our clients.
Our Clinical Content Library consists of both Specialty Practices and Primary Care.
Adult Primary Care
Ears, Nose & Throat
Behavioral Health

Our content developers work directly with either your clinical staff or our clinical consultants to create a product that meets your exact business needs. We feel that it is critical to have clinical input into the design, development, and testing of all clinical content.

Reporting Services

Developing customized reports can be intimidating

Developing customized reports out of any software product can be intimidating. There are so many fields and it is difficult to understand the database structure if it isn’t something you do on a daily basis. Our team of dedicated report developers have a deep understanding of database schema and how to present data to the users.

Our Clinical Content Library consists of both Specialty Practices and Primary Care.
GE Centricity EMR
GE Centricity Practice Solutions

In many instances, reports previously developed by us are free for sharing. We have reports to assist you with:

Financial Data

Clinical Quality Measures

Provider Dashboard Reports

System Setup Organization and Cleanup

Operational Data such as Wait Times or Number of Appointments

Customized Reports

We are extremely knowledgeable in the data schema and how it relates to information put in by your providers and staff. We also have a Database Administrator to assist if there are difficulties with report performance in your system. If you have a reporting need, we can assist you with getting your data in a format that meets your needs.


We also offer basic Crystal Report training to clients who are interested in learning how to develop their own reports. This training is designed to assist you with modifying reports already developed or to develop your own reports. Our training plan is customized to you and your needs.

Maximize your EHR data with Practice Data Analytics dashboards

MTS Practice Data Analytics reporting serves up powerful business intelligence for any size organization. Dozens of standard reports can be viewed in easily customizable, intuitive reporting tools to provide near-real-time views of key performance indicators.

Don’t be limited by standard EHR reports, or intimidated by expensive custom programming.

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Advantages of Practice Data Analytics from MTS:
  • Powerful and affordable business intelligence customizable specifically for your practice
  • Clinical, financial, and administrative dashboards for 360-degree views into your EHR data
  • Easily adaptable dashboards for at-a-glance views that meet decision-makers’ specific needs
  • Easy drill-downs to detailed data such as individual patient, condition, provider, payer, date, location, or specialty

Appointment Totals Overview

Sample Clinical Dashboard: Improve utilization and reduce no-shows with easy views of available appointment slots, percentage of appointments kept and cancelled, and related statistics, with drill-down capabilities by provider, specialty, and more.


Care Guidelines Reporting

Sample Clinical Dashboard: Identify individual patient and overall population compliance to preventive and disease management care guidelines to help drive health outcomes goals.

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Software Solutions

Unify your EHR and health systems

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