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Practice Data anayltics

The intuitive tool that delivers a rich set of interactive dashboards to quickly see clinical and business key indicators.


Med Tech Solutions’ Practice Data Analytics v2.1 Spring 2024 release. This update puts our PDA deployment at 45 report packages – a total of 177 unique reports. Such a tremendous value to clients!

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Turn your EHR data into business and clinical intelligence you can act on

The MTS Practice Data Analytics tool offers a rich set of intuitive, interactive dashboards to quickly see clinical and business key indicators based on NextGen EHR data. This essential practice-management tool gives your stakeholders the information they need to contain costs, gain efficiencies, and improve patient outcomes. MTS Practice Data Analytics serves up powerful and affordable business intelligence for any size practice or clinic.

Watch the MTS Practice Data Analytics demo video to see:
  • Microsoft Power BI platform details, including secure data synchronization and storage
  • Examples of clinical, financial, and IT administrative reports
  • How to easily customize and share dashboards for specific users
  • How to track key metrics and performance indicators for clinical and financial data
  • Drill-down and filter capabilities from visual dashboards to underlying data
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Maximize your EHR data with Practice Data Analytics dashboards

MTS Practice Data Analytics reporting serves up powerful business intelligence for any size organization. Dozens of standard reports can be viewed in easily customizable, intuitive reporting tools to provide near-real-time views of key performance indicators.

Don’t be limited by standard EHR reports, or intimidated by expensive custom programming.

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Advantages of Practice Data Analytics from MTS:
  • Powerful and affordable business intelligence customizable specifically for your practice
  • Clinical, financial, and administrative dashboards for 360-degree views into your EHR data
  • Easily adaptable dashboards for at-a-glance views that meet decision-makers’ specific needs
  • Easy drill-downs to detailed data such as individual patient, condition, provider, payer, date, location, or specialty

Appointment Totals Overview

Sample Clinical Dashboard: Improve utilization and reduce no-shows with easy views of available appointment slots, percentage of appointments kept and cancelled, and related statistics, with drill-down capabilities by provider, specialty, 
and more.


Care Guidelines Reporting

Sample Clinical Dashboard: Identify individual patient and overall population compliance to preventive and disease management care guidelines to help drive health 
outcomes goals.