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Healthcare Cloud Services

The right HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting services solution for your healthcare practice

Your patients and providers depend on your EHR. Make sure it’s secure, reliable, and always available. Our HITRUST Risk-based, two-year (r2) certified, HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting services are designed specifically for the unique needs of healthcare organizations. With strategically-located data centers on the East and West Coast - and now with service in the Midwest through recent acquisitions - Med Tech Solutions healthcare cloud services enables your practice to get out of the technology business to put your full attention on caring for your patients.

EHR Hosting Services

Secure, high-performance cloud hosting for your EHR

Your patients and providers depend on your EHR. Make sure it’s secure, reliable, and always available. Our HITRUST Risk-based, two-year (r2), HIPAA-compliant healthcare cloud hosting services are designed specifically for the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

We bring more than a decade of deep experience hosting leading EHRs-including as a certified NextGen reseller. Our experienced application helpdesk support and maintenance team quickly resolve staff and provider issues so your internal team can focus on high-value projects and your staff can focus on patients.

What We Offer:
  • Secure cloud hosting for healthcare applications and data
  • Private, public, and hybrid clouds that best meet the needs of our clients
  • Fully managed monitoring, backup management, patching and maintenance, and 24/7 helpdesk support
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • “Always-on” Disaster Recovery (DR)

MTS is a multi-cloud hosting provider

MTS starts by assessing each client's specific needs and requirements to identify the best cloud hosting option and resulting return on investment (ROI).

Because each practice, clinic, or organization is unique, MTS tailors a solution around the needs and requirements of each client. Our data facilities are HITRUST-certified, which ensures we follow over 470 controls compliant with HIPAA policies and procedures.

Over 13,000 healthcare providers and 22,500 users rely on MTS to provide high performance and secure, reliable access to their mission critical systems.

MTS offers Private, public, and hybrid cloud options with world-class support and a comprehensive security stack not typically provided by other cloud providers.

No matter what’s right for you, we’ll plan it, deploy it, migrate it, secure it, and test it. And we’ll stand behind it, whenever you need us.

Cloud Migration

EHR Environment Access


Cloud Migration

We understand why many organizations are concerned about moving their data from their current environment to the cloud. Any disruption in access to their systems or loss of data can have a negative impact on their operations. With over 15 years of experience in migrating systems, including multi-terabyte databases, we have the process down to a science.

We begin with a test migration of your database and supporting files, then validate every component of your system -examining the application, interfaces, connectivity, and any support modules. Once our experts and your team both sign-off, we schedule a final production migration over a weekend. Then it’s all hands on deck at MTS as you go live. Because of the effort made in the test migration, you will be highly confident there will be no loss of data or disruption to your staff’s productivity during go-live.

EHR Environment Access

Many cloud providers really lock down their cloud environment. This creates multiple steps, red tape, and delays for the client. We provide you full administrative rights to your EHR environment, including all ancillary services, such as report and interface servers. Your team retains full access to your software and data so you can remain agile to respond to immediate requests.

Need to run a SQL query, create a stored procedure, or update a template? With MTS Cloud Solutions, you won’t be slowed down!


At MTS our priority is security. Healthcare is the number one target for cybercriminals, and bad actors from around the world are always finding new ways to steal patient health information or hold your data for ransom. Experiencing a breach can have negative repercussions far beyond the duration and impact of the original attack.

With our hosting service, you have a team of cybersecurity specialists providing proactive threat hunting, threat detection response, and remediation. We have an entire Security framework designed to respond to threats in real-time. Our CSIRT team of cyberforensic experts are ready to respond to any security threat. MTS is on the job 24/7 protecting your mission-critical applications and data.

MTS Cloud (Private)

MTS brings over 15 years of deep experience hosting leading EHRs, including athenahealth, Veradigm, eClinicalWorks, NextGen, eMDs, Greenway Health, and more.

We currently have resources located in data centers in Southern California, Northern New Jersey, and within the Chicagoland area of Illinois. This gives us the ability to host your applications and environments in the data center closest to your practice. Our solution is designed to fail over to a secondary data center, if needed, to ensure business continuity and redundancy.

With MTS Private Cloud:

Eliminate the burden brought on by the need to maintain and upgrade equipment-enjoy greater peace of mind through our HITRUST-certified cloud hosting environment

Understand your hosting expenditure and maximize your ROI

Adopt cloud technologies that deliver the greatest benefit to your practice

Solution Features
Tier 3 HITRUST-certified data centers
Hyper-converged infrastructure
ISP diversity
Flexible cloud configurations
Superior levels of control

MTS Azure and AWS Cloud (Public)

MTS is a certified hosting partner for both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). MTS layers managed services and security stack on these two leading public clouds.

Both Azure and AWS include a comprehensive suite of services that provides a lot of flexibility when designing solutions for our clients. They also offer data centers that are strategically located across the country. Combined with our expertise, migration services, and managed services our clients get the most value from both of these cloud environments.

Already have an existing public cloud environment? MTS can help!

With MTS Azure and AWS Cloud:

Eliminate the burden of equipment capital expenses and cloud certified staff

Understand your hosting expenditure and maximize your ROI

Adopt cloud technologies to the greatest benefit of your practice

Solution Features
Server Farms
Pay-as-you-go cost pricing
Multiple pricing options

MTS Hybrid Cloud

The MTS Hybrid Cloud combines public and private cloud options. This offers the ability to build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds including on-premise, with the tools and frameworks of your choice. You also get security built from the ground up, backed by our team of experts, with full HIPAA compliance.

Need help managing your existing environment? Learn more about how MTS can help with Managed ITCare Services.

With MTS Hybrid Cloud:

Get the increased efficiency of private cloud infrastructure and the increased competitiveness of public cloud

Get greater flexibility, more deployment options, security, compliance, and more value from your existing infrastructure

Improve cloud security by reducing the potential exposure of data. Specifically, regarding Disaster Recovery (DR), the hybrid model helps organizations replicate their on-premises workloads and back up data to the cloud

Solution Features
Greater control over data
Improves cloud security
Optimized IT performance
Cost effective
Improves business continuity
Reduces potential downtime