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Cloud Confidence for Healthcare with HITRUST Risk-Based, Two-Year (r2) Certification Framework

With healthcare organizations facing escalating cyberattacks, one-time security assessment scores and snapshot certifications are no longer enough. The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) provides an unmatched security foundation based on continuous assessment and controls.



The costs of data ransom, regulatory fines, business disruption, and loss of patient trust have made security controls for critical healthcare data a top priority for IT professionals.

IT security and compliance regulations and best practices are defined by an array of federal and state regulations and industry standards, as well as policies and frameworks from a variety of associations and bodies. All that makes it difficult for provider organizations to fully understand what they need to do to mitigate security risk. For many organizations, an annual HIPAA assessment acts as the foundation for their security measures, but today’s threat landscape is evolving in sophisticated ways every day.

And the stakes are high.

Without the proper systems in place, healthcare organizations may be exposed to security breaches or noncompliance with industry standards. Penalties can be directed at providers, the organization, and even individuals who have responsibility for the organization’s security policies and practices. In addition, the impact of bad press and loss of patient trust may never be fully recoverable.