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Secure Storage for Your Legacy EHR Data

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Archive Patient and Financial Data for Easy Access

Store records for a long period of time with read access to the clinical data. Whether you are switching EHRs, deciding not to convert data from your old EHR or just want to have long term access to your data without the full cost of EHR support and maintenance, CareFinity® Archive is the solution.

CareFinity® EHR Archive provides all the functions necessary to work with archived charts and meet regulatory needs including printing and exporting for ROI, user access tracking and patient search capabilities. It can also integrate with existing EHR systems so that clinical staff can access archived chart information directly from the patient chart in their EHR.

  • Archive and view data from legacy systems
  • Cost friendly alternative to data conversions
  • Access archived clinical and billing information
  • View archived data on your desktop, laptop, or remotely on your mobile device
  • Archive data from multiple EHR systems
  • View all documents and images
  • Print and export records for ROI
  • Access data from multiple locations
  • Audit logs of user access
  • 2 Factor Authentication

Clinical Views

The patient dashboard provides a top level summary with detailed drill downs for Problems, Allergies, Medications, Visits, Labs, Orders, Documents, Images, Vitals, and more at your finger tips.


Patient Financials

The patient’s financial summary is easily accessible with encounter details available at the click of a button.



View an easily accessible audit log covering patient record access.


Document Export

Print and export records for ROI.