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Our Med Tech Healthcare Clients

We are practice-centered so you can be patient-focused

We only serve the healthcare industry; we understand your unique needs -your patients, your providers, your business.

Our clients require continual access to health IT systems for scheduling, patient data, and documentation.

Med Tech Solutions delivers the products and services your clinic needs to keep your clinicians productive and your patients happy.

Health IT & Interface Engine Solutions for Clinics & Health Centers

Clinics and community health centers are constantly under pressure to cut costs and improve ROI. Industry regulations (including MACRA, MIPS, Meaningful Use, PQRS, HIPAA, ACO, and PCMH) can add complexity requiring new workflows, hardware, software, and infrastructure.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) have additional unique requirements that can be met with custom reporting and integration solutions.

Add relentless cycles of mergers and acquisitions and market instability, and it’s no wonder clinics and community health centers are evaluating technology roadmaps that address interoperability, streamline health IT system integration, and provide a consistent view of patient health data.

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Some of the ways we can deliver for your clinicians:
  • Streamline workflows and reduce clicks
  • Ensure that clinicians are using the technology available to them to their advantage
  • Allow access to schedules and charts and create visit notes when the EHR is unavailable
  • Bring patient charts together from other EHR systems and providers so you can have a full view of the patient and improve outcomes
  • Guidance and training on meeting the requirements of regulatory programs to avoid penalties and increase quality
  • Train on optimal use of the system
  • Remove the headaches of a self-managed IT environment

Comprehensive IT services for healthcare providers

There are many IT services companies, and many of them work with healthcare organizations as part of their business. But you know- and we know -that healthcare IT is different. You need an innovative healthcare company that you can trust.

Med Tech Solutions works exclusively in healthcare, from community health centers to ambulatory and specialty clinics to integrated networks. We understand the needs of providers and staff and the critical workflows that IT has to support so they can focus on patient needs.

Healthcare IT tailored to your unique needs

See how we help healthcare organizations like yours.


We cover large and small clinics. Whether you have one HIT staff member or 100, we have solutions for your clinic.

Community Health Centers (CHCs)

We serve Community Health Centers around the country, providing products and services to meet all requirements and regulations.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

We handle the unique requirements of an FQHC and deliver solutions to help achieve your goals.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

We understand the unique health IT challenges that ACO’s face. We are committed to providing solutions to meet ever-evolving needs.

Ambulatory Specialty Clinics

We know that keeping clinicians happy using the system while ensuring proper documentation and collaboration is a balancing act. We can help make your clinicians happier while meeting the documentation standards that are expected in today’s environment.

Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIEs)

We support the need to be fueled by accurate, updated patient data that is shared with connected providers, facilities, and payors. Our HIE interface engine delivers consolidated, unified patient data directly from a health delivery organization’s EHR and other health IT systems to populate the HIE.

Many HIEs rely on federal and state grants to fund their operations. The emedApps ONC-certified CareBridgeTM Integration Platform significantly increases the amount of patient data available to HIEs while lowering the costs and reducing time to receive the data.

Whether your HIE is member-funded or relies on grants and investments, establishing a vast repository of real-time patient data will help your HIE stand out to investors, payors, and government agencies.


We understand the integration challenges to support the different IT systems used by various clinics, health centers, and offices distributed across their enterprise to effectively manage patient data. As the trend of healthcare expansions and acquisitions continues, it is even more critical for hospitals to collaborate with disparate IT systems in a continual exchange of patient care information.

Hospitals and health systems also require advanced business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to ensure constant access to patient information and schedules in the event of downtime or outages, regardless of location, time, or device.

We make it possible for growing hospitals and health systems to perform data migrations and system integrations during transitions of ownership and expansions of partnerships.

As hospitals expand to own, operate, and associate with other clinics and specialists, CIOs need to bridge the gap between disparate, proprietary systems employed at each facility, so all systems work in concert. Our solution integrates and migrates disparate EHRs and health IT systems, facilitating secure data sharing between hospitals and clinics. Clinicians throughout the connected enterprise have access to the same updated patient data, lab results, images, and documents, creating a unified view of the patient for enhanced clinical outcomes.

No matter which EHR vendor or vendors your healthcare organization uses, our EHR and health IT consultants have the technology and expertise to:

Simplify Your EHR Operations
Streamline Workflows
Reduce Clicks
Make Your Technology More Efficient and Connected