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NextGen Reporting for Business Intelligence Insights Is Now Powerful and Affordable

Your NextGen EHR is a treasure trove of data that you should be able to analyze to understand and improve patient outcomes as well as business outcomes for your practice. But standard reporting tools often don’t give you the business intelligence (BI) you need. Raw data is one thing; Insight is something different.

BI insight using NextGen reporting data allows you to quickly see key indicators and trends for your patients and your practice. These are viewable in customized dashboards that let different stakeholders in your practice see exactly what they need to do their jobs better. Think of BI insights as a powerful NextGen practice management tool to help optimize your processes.

Sample NextGen EMR reporting dashboards include:


  • Appointment Time Productivity: Medical practices can immediately see available appointment times as well as the percentage of appointments kept and cancelled, with related statistics to help drive higher utilization and reduce no-shows.


  • Clinical Quality Measures: Clinical leaders can view details of procedures conducted in any time period, and whether specific quality metrics were met or exceeded to support population health initiatives and value-based care reimbursement models.


  • Status of Missing Documents and Payment Codes: Clinics can track whether all documentation and coding are complete and accurate, ensuring that reimbursements are attained and tracked in a timely manner.


  • NextGen Application Licenses and Updates: Busy IT teams and professionals can easily see which NextGen applications and licenses, as well as hardware, need to be updated to ensure performance and aid security protections.


  • Payer Reimbursements and Denials: Detailed metrics on accounts receivable from payers, as well as reasons for denials or rejections of prior authorizations, can identify opportunities for additional value-based care reimbursements.


While the value of this kind of insight is critical for any size practice, visual BI dashboards have typically only been accessible to large healthcare systems with significant IT budgets and resources. Finally that’s changed.

Med Tech Solutions’ Practice Data Analytics tool delivers more than 40 standard BI reports from NextGen electronic health record (EHR) data that can be viewed in easily customized dashboards. Standard reports cover clinical, financial, and administrative insights. With at-a-glance, up-to-date information, practices gain the actionable insights they need to quickly improve their operations—from clinical care, to billing and reimbursements, to system optimization and maintenance.

“MTS Practice Data Analytics gives our clients’ executive leaders, physicians, clinicians, and administrators immediate access to the detailed information they need to excel in what is always a fast-paced environment,” says Mona Abutaleb, MTS CEO. “With intuitive, visual data analysis in near-real time, they can make better decisions and more effectively provide the exceptional care they are known for.”

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