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Med Tech Solutions Announces Acquisition of Compex, Inc.

MTS Expands Services in the Pacific Northwest


Silverton, Oregon. – (September 18, 2018) – Med Tech Solutions (MTS), a leading managed Cloud and IT services provider, announced today that it has acquired Oregon based healthcare focused IT service provider, Compex, Inc. The acquisition will help MTS better serve its clients and promote continued growth.

With Compex’s well-established operation in Silverton, Ore., the acquisition is expected to assist MTS in expanding its presence in the Pacific Northwest and amplifying its level of expertise in the Health IT field.

“MTS is a great partner for us and we’re excited to be able to offer our clients a nationwide Cloud service with the same great local IT services they’ve been accustomed to,” said Matthew Middlestetter, CEO of Compex.

Through this acquisition, Compex will be better equipped to assist its healthcare clients with their transition to value-based care.

“Compex provides exceptional IT services to its medical and professional clients,” said James Deck, CEO of MTS. “Compex shares our values, so joining forces just made sense. We are thrilled to be part of the community – from Salem to Portland, and soon Vancouver, Washington.”

In addition to its secure Cloud and IT services, MTS prepares healthcare organizations for value-based care by optimizing their EHR, interopability services, cyber security services, and patient engagement solutions.