Healthcare IT is our focus.

Reliable Technology Supports Mission of Affordable, Accessible Care

Since moving to MedTech Solutions for EHR hosting and IT support, FHCCGLA has eliminated the frustrations that both staff and patients experienced due to system performance and availability issues. With reliable cloud hosting, IT management services, and expert training from MTS, FHCCGLA is able to serve more patients and increase revenue, while seeing higher patient satisfaction.



  • MTS hosting and level-one support ensure reliable, fast, and updated EHR access at a more affordable price.
  • MTS experts provide regular software training, workflow optimization, and best practices for better patient care and overall efficiencies.
  • Lean internal IT organization can focus on value-added projects to meet long-term goals while MTS handles all ongoing IT support and management services.
  • MTS security risk analysis provides confidence for both staff and patients.


“Switching hosting over to MTS support has allowed us to see more patients. It’s provided a more reliable hosting service, which equates to our providers being able to depend on the system and having the EHR available to them 100% of the time.”



IT “chaos” impacts care delivery

Rodrigo Ibarra, IT systems administrator at Family Health Care Centers of Greater Lost Angeles (FHCCGLA), sums up the organization’s past IT situation in one word: chaotic. FHCCGLA’s hosting service suffered from regular system slow downs as well as back-up, access, and connectivity issues. “Support was really horrible for us, and we weren’t able to have our issues addressed in a timely manner,” Ibarra says. “We suffered a lot of downtime, which affected our ability to provide services to our patients.”

FHCCGLA providers depend on electronic access to patients’ charts and the ability to exchange information with specialists, hospitals, and other providers and locations to provide better and more timely care. With access to their health information, patients also have more control over their health and well-being.

Like most healthcare organizations, the most critical part of FHCCGLA’s IT operations is ensuring that the electronic health record (EHR) is up and running all day, every day. “If we don’t have an EHR, we can’t see patients and we can’t bill,” Ibarra explains. “That is our bread and butter. We have over 75 of our employees using the system on a daily basis, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.”

While hosting issues made EHR implementation even more challenging, FHCCGLA also didn’t have the in-house expertise to provide effective EHR training and workflow for providers and medical assistants (MAs).