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Reporting Services

Developing customized reports out of any software product can be intimidating. There are so many fields and it is difficult to understand the database structure if it isn’t something you do on a daily basis. Our team of dedicated report developers have a deep understanding of database schema and how to present data to the users.

Our Reports

We have a large library of customized reports for:

  • GE Centricity EMR
  • GE Centricity Practice Solutions
  • NextGen

In many instances, reports previously developed by us are free for sharing. We have reports to assist you with:

  • Financial Data
  • Clinical Quality Measures
  • Provider Dashboard Reports
  • System Setup Organization and Cleanup
  • Operational Data such as Wait Times or Number of Appointments

Customized Reports

We are extremely knowledgeable in the data schema and how it relates to information put in by your providers and staff. We also have a Database Administrator to assist if there are difficulties with report performance in your system. If you have a reporting need, we can assist you with getting your data in a format that meets your needs.


We also offer basic Crystal Report training to clients who are interesting in learning how to develop their own reports. This training is designed to assist you with modifying reports already developed or to develop your own reports. Our training plan is customized to you and your needs.

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