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Billing Services

  • Outsourced Billing Service
  • ASP Billing Software
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Electronic Transactions
  • Wide Array of Management Reports Including Ad-Hoc Reporting

Outsourced Billing Service

Billing is one of the most critical components in any company’s business strategy.

Many practices prefer using our billing services because of their negative experiences with high employee turnover and inexperienced medical coders who make mistakes that cost their practice money and delay their payments.

Our billing technicians have years of experience in the medical billing industry. Additionally, they are all cross trained on tasks so that there is no loss in revenue due to vacations, illnesses, or other absences from work which can plague in-house billing personnel.

MTS utilizes the latest technology to collect your accounts receivables faster. We employ electronic claims, electronic remittances, electronic status reports, and work with multiple insurance carriers and government health agencies to perform more tasks electronically thus allowing us to make sure that your money gets in your bank account as soon as possible.

ASP Billing Software

Let MTS help you improve your bottom line by increasing collections, reducing expenses, diminishing your risks, and improving the overall quality of your billing procedures.

Join our ASP billing network and use the award-winning NextGen® PM software without a large capital outlay for hardware, software, and the need for an IT department.

This software is extremely easy to use and can be easily customized to fit the needs of your practice. One of the many benefits of the software is the claim editing and review features that help improve your claim acceptance rate, reduce your risks by identifying potential problems before they occur, and help reduce your overall rate of denials and costly resubmissions thus giving you quicker reimbursements. By increasing the accuracy of your claims submissions and subsequently your patient statements, you will improve your overall patient satisfaction with their visit and eliminate potential conflicts with them over payment and billing issues.

Another added benefit of this billing software is the built in features that support HIPAA-compliant transactions which enable you to submit electronic claims directly to any payer in a HIPAA-compliant format.

Appointment Scheduling

Whether we do your billing or you do it in-house, you have access to our excellent appointment scheduling system which can be used for one physician or hundreds.

MTS’s appointment scheduling software will help you streamline front and back office procedures. With our easy to use system and a little expert training from our associates, your front desk staff will be able to quickly and efficiently schedule and check in patients.

Our scheduling software is designed to improve the efficiency of your office thus enhancing the quality of patient care. Additionally, the software is designed to collaborate with the billing system and our EHR system. There is no need for duplicate entries which will help increase your staff productivity. More importantly, there are no missed billing opportunities due to the scheduling and billing integration.

Electronic Transactions

The world of billing has changed from a paper environment to an electronic one, and it is not finished changing yet.

Many small offices are struggling because they still rely on paper claims and/or paper insurance remittances.

At MTS, we not only send electronic claims for all possible payers, but also utilize electronic remittances for all large payers. Electronic remittances (payments) speed cash to your bank account, allow for faster and more accurate posting of payments, and lower your A/R.

What does this mean for you? With the advantages of electronic claim status, we know the status of your claim within a couple of days of filing. This allows our billing specialists to be proactive in correcting, appealing, resubmitting, and settling your claims in order to get you the payment you deserve.

Beyond claims and remittances, MTS utilizes other electronic transactions to get you paid faster.

Wide Array of Management Reports Including Ad-Hoc Reporting

Knowledge is power; therefore to effectively manage your business, you need to have access to any fragment of data you might need to analyze your business performance.

The NextGen® system can accomplish this with its extensive set of management reports.

Monthly reports include your monthly changes in A/R, payment and charge demographics, appointment performance, insurance aging analysis, etc. just to name a few. However, sometimes you need a piece of information that is unusual or highly specific. It’s no problem. MTS can create for you a totally customized report to meet your needs.

No information is too obscure for us to map out for you. By using a variety of different filters, we can pull any information you might need about your practice from our open database. We firmly believe that the more you know about your business, the better decisions you can make.