Partner with MTS

Practice-centered IT that complements your business.

Don’t let your healthcare clients’ IT challenges hold you back.

Now you can improve your competitive advantage without the overhead of an internal IT organization.

We partner with leading organizations like yours to provide specialized practice-centered IT services that are 100% focused on healthcare providers. We quickly and affordably take IT worries off your plate so you can focus on your unique value-added services.

Who we partner with:

Provider networks

who need a consistent IT infrastructure and support resource for every location

Accounting and consulting groups

who want to offer IT services to healthcare clients without the overhead

Revenue cycle management (RCM) providers

looking for white-labeled IT revenue opportunities

Private equity and management organizations

who need a repeatable IT infrastructure for their healthcare portfolios

Healthcare associations

who want to offer specially priced IT services for members

Healthcare software providers

who need secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud hosting

See how we help healthcare organizations like yours.

When we look at a healthcare-centric organization like MTS, where everything they do is focused around healthcare—that’s a slam dunk for us.

Results with MTS

  • $250,000 annual savings in hosting and managed services costs
  • Significant improvements in performance, efficiency, and satisfaction
  • HITRUST certification eases security concerns and compliance
  • Security and performance dashboard supports monitoring and planning

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IT services available to MTS partners

Comprehensive IT services, priced to match your needs

Secure, high-performance cloud hosting

24/7 end-user support

Security risk assessment, compliance dashboard & training

IT strategic planning for your business

Repeatable, optimized IT workflows

Proven telehealth and patient-experience platform

Our industry-leading IT hosting, support, security, and strategy capabilities ideally complement your value-added services.

We offer customized pricing and service options to match your business needs, including white labeling and revenue-sharing opportunities.

The MTS cloud was built for healthcare IT.

With our HITRUST CSF-certified cloud infrastructure, your—or your clients’—critical applications are protected against security threats and outages. We offer top performance, reliability, and scalability along with affordable pricing.

Providers of cloud-based healthcare software get a unified home for your applications and data, available as your branded cloud or outsourced to MTS.

Let our IT Care Team experts keep your providers at the top of their IT game.

With Med Tech Solutions, you can offer consistent, reliable, and cost-effective nationwide IT helpdesk support for all the providers in your network, association, or portfolio.

Or bring us in as needed for additional training or support resources to complement your in-house team and free them for value-added projects.

As networks, associations, and organizations grow, security can become much more difficult to manage.

Our healthcare IT security experts ensure consistent processes and protocols across all of your providers, with risk assessments, compliance dashboards, and staff and provider training.

When you’re ready to add IT services to your business portfolio, Med Tech solutions is your trusted strategy partner.

Our virtual CIOs (vCIOs) work closely with your management and internal IT teams to help you develop and manage a customized strategic IT plan to support your growth.

When you’re bringing new provider organizations under your umbrella, you need to roll out consistent, repeatable IT infrastructures across the board.

Our IT Care Teams optimize systems for your workflows, budgets, and performance needs, and deliver your defined solution every time.

We can design and implement a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant telehealth and patient-experience platform that you can roll out across your provider organizations.

Our comprehensive telehealth and patient-experience solutions include:

  • Integration with your EHR
  • Virtual visit management
  • Appointment reminders
  • Contactless registration
  • Secure chat