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Family Tree Clinic

Minneapolis Clinic seamlessly migrates EHR cloud hosting over a single weekend, improving security and service from day one

Switching to a new cloud hosting provider can seem overwhelming for healthcare organizations. The fear of a potential loss of records, data leak, or disruption to continuity of care can make it easier to stay with a service that isn’t meeting the needs of the practice.

Family Tree Clinic bucked the trend by moving its electronic health record (EHR) hosting to Med Tech Solutions (MTS) in the midst of the pandemic while also engaging in a capital campaign to fund the construction of a new site. Not only was the switch effortless, but the practice also easily added enhanced support for its NextGen EHR, IT management, and end-user support, ensuring the clinic was able to manage numerous priorities during complex times. And when Family Tree Clinic moved to its new state-of-the-art facility, MTS was there to ensure that the physical relocation was as seamless as the virtual one.