National CDO Cuts Costs While Boosting EHR Performance for 250 Providers

In the greater Los Angeles area, OptumCare depends on Med Tech Solutions (MTS) for the
IT services the care delivery organization’s (CDO) clients rely on. Since moving its EHR hosting, optimization, and support services to MTS, the network of more than 100 practices has seen significant performance and efficiency improvements. MTS also reduced OptumCare’s costs by $250,000 per year, boosting its competitiveness and ability to provide highvalue services for clients.


  • Reduced hosting and support costs drive competitiveness and enhanced client services.
  • Updated technologies significantly improve network performance, provider satisfaction, and overall efficiency.
  • HITRUST certification eases security concerns and ability to help providers meet HIPAA compliance and security requirements
  • Security and performance dashboard provides real-time view of all systems for proactive monitoring and growth planning.
  • Fast, reliable EHR access supports telehealth initiatives and improves patient satisfaction.


“MTS does healthcare as a service, in my mind. They really focus on healthcare-centric applications and healthcare-centric organizations like OptumCare to provide that special touch that is focused around healthcare.”



Care delivery organization (CDO) partnership satisfies provider needs and internal business goals

Armando Besné, senior manager of CIS at OptumCare, is responsible for making sure that the 250 providers across 116 independent physician association (IPA) practices in its greater Los Angeles-area network have reliable, secure access to their EHR at all times. But Besné is also responsible for making sure his organization is profitable and successful in its growth plans. “Cost is always something that’s in the back of our mind,” Besné says, “but along with cost, because we’re reselling this product, performance is a really big issue 
for us.”

When Besné joined OptumCare in 2016, its cloud hosting vendor frustrated providers, staff, and patients with slow and unstable connections. “When I came onboard, I was asked to look at the overall performance and figure out ways to make the environment not only faster but more stable, at a similar or minimal increase in cost, to provide a better product to our providers,” he explains.

Besné and his team considered taking on the capital and staffing costs to operate its own cloud hosting environment, and also researched the top public and private cloud vendors. That included MTS, who already had a long-term relationship with OptumCare, providing its AppCare services to support and optimize providers’ electronic health records (EHRs).