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Ransomware Protection Checklist for Healthcare Organizations

Cyber challenges in the healthcare industry are impacting an already over-taxed environment. While every business is a potential target for a security breach, healthcare is especially at risk and continues to be the most-breached sector in 2021. (SOURCE: Herjavec Group)

To take the most appropriate actions and continue to provide care and generate revenue, IT leaders in healthcare organizations like yours need to understand your risks, reduce vulnerabilities, and apply controls to help protect your interests and data.

The need to protect your business from ransomware is ongoing and guidance can change as cybercriminals develop new capabilities and uncover new vulnerabilities. The following Ransomware Prevention and Preparation Checklist is based on current NIST and Med Tech Solutions best practice recommendations. We suggest that you implement these checklist items and work with a managed service provider with strong security expertise to ensure you have the necessary controls in place to protect against and prepare for potential ransomware events.

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