Healthcare Ransomware Attacks 2021 – Why It Remains a Problem and How to Stop It

If data has value, then electronic health records are a treasure trove, and cyber-criminals know this.

With many healthcare organizations again being stretched thin to address rising COVID-19 case counts, there’s little doubt that we’ll see a steady drumbeat of new healthcare ransomware attacks, building on the record number so far this year (2021) and beyond.

While risks will always remain—and one can make a compelling argument that it’s not a question of whether an enterprise will suffer a data breach, but when—healthcare organizations can radically strengthen their security stance by keeping several basic points in mind and acting accordingly.

In a recent article in SC Magazine, MTS CEO Mona Abutaleb discusses why ransomware threats in healthcare will continue to grow, and how to address them with detailed, expert advice, including:

  • Why it’s important to make sure every employee understands what’s at stake, and how to accomplish that.
  • How and why to treat phishing simulation programs as more than an IT or even a security issue, and how to customize these programs.
  • What’s involved to create a multi-faceted security stance that addresses ransomware and phishing, but doesn’t stop there.
  • What to consider if the worst occurs—how will you quickly resume operations?

Read the full article here.