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A Look at How Cloud Computing Professionals Can Help Your Business

When you hear us speak the word “Cloud,” it’s not the fluffy white forms soaring overhead. Our “Cloud” refers to the computing systems that are delivered to you through an Internet connection. The popularity and demand for Cloud services has led both ordinary consumers and organizations alike to seek them out.

The Cloud Industry is Booming
The Cloud is in the midst of a huge growth spurt. According to Gartner, the Cloud service industry will grow by over $38 billion in 2017, making it a $250 billion industry. The Cloud industry attracts a very technical, talented pool of experts, from system administrators to programmers to those who understand the needs of organizations.

What can Cloud professionals do for your organization? Think for moment how your practice can benefit by having a relationship with any of the following four kinds of Cloud professionals.

  • Cloud administrator: The ability to monitor and manage a Cloud system is highly sought-after. This person is responsible for managing the Cloud infrastructure itself. So, understanding how the Cloud platform and monitoring tools work together can be very beneficial. They also understand how to merge workloads to the public Cloud, and how DevOps works.
  • Cloud security: Network security is often the most important part of running an organization, as threats are much more prominent today than they have been over the last 20 years. Cloud security professionals have skillsets required for managing technology and implementing advanced security solutions.
  • Cloud architect: A Cloud architect oversees the entire implementation of the Cloud solution from start to finish, including adoption plans, application design, organizational strategy, and management.

Smaller organizations might not have the flexibility in their payroll to hire these types of technical employees, but they can outsource the planning and deployment of Cloud IT solutions to their trusted IT provider. You can effectively outsource your Cloud computing to MTS to help your organization meet its needs. We can help by becoming an extention of your in-house IT team, or an outsourced IT Department. To learn more, call us today at 877-687-1222.