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EHR Services

  • Increase Quality of Care
  • Save Time & Lower Costs
  • Enhanced Workflow
  • Improve Revenue
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Quality Programs

Increase Quality of Care

Providers make life saving decisions every day for their patients and should have the most up to date information at their fingertips to make those decisions.

With our EHR, you can know information about your patients at a click of the mouse. As an added benefit, the chart is available not only from your office, but any place with an internet connection and specific encryption software.

Knowing both the right information and having complete information available about your patients’ health equips you to provide superior care for your patients. EHRs aid providers in automatically capturing their decision-making rationale, helping them manage their time, therefore, resulting in more complete and accurate records. The benefit to you – less time at the office completing paperwork and more time living and enjoying the life you worked hard to achieve.

Save Time & Lower Costs

With the collaborating features between systems, you spend less time documenting and more time giving patients the one on one service they desire and deserve.

Our system eliminates the need for double entry of the same information between screens and increases the efficiency of the charting process.

An EHR system eliminates the time spent looking for unfiled or misfiled paper charts. Navigation of chart information to find the data you are looking for is also quicker and easier. There’s no more flipping through endless pages to find the information you need; simply click on the appropriate heading and date.

Let our EHR system save you money by reducing your overhead and optimizing your office space. How many square feet of valuable space do you use for storing paper charts? Eliminate this wasted area and turn it into a revenue producing space. Other areas of possible cost reduction include:

  • Staffing
  • Storage facility rental for expired charts
  • Charting supplies
  • Wasted time pulling and refiling charts
  • Paper and printing cost

Enhanced Workflow

NextGen® EHR provides an excellent suite of solutions for many physician specialties.
However, from time to time, some practices require enhancements to allow for better efficiency and documentation for their specific needs. Flexibility in the NextGen® system helps us make the EHR work better for you with template enhancements, special reports, and interfaces.

Improve Revenue

Do missed charges torment your billing staff?
With automated templates and charting, you also automate your charge entry process. This reduces the risk of missing valuable charges such as lab tests, injections, minor secondary procedures, etc. EHR and billing integration allows charge information to flow to your billing staff insuring comprehensive and accurate information is submitted to insurance companies or patients for payment.

Electronic Prescriptions

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can order and renew patient prescriptions within the EHR system, and then fax or electronically submit that order to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.

Additionally, the prescription is automatically documented in the patient’s electronic chart.

Physicians, patients, and pharmacists love the ease, speed, and convenience of this prescription process. Dosing verification and confirmation calls from the pharmacy are reduced over the hand-written format, and there is no chance of prescription tampering.

Quality Programs

Our advanced EHR system and in-house expertise will help you meet the growing number of government quality programs which will help you protect your income.