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Bringing together all the right data to give deep insight into daily clinic operations

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A Complete Solution for Managing Your Practice Operations

The EHR Operations Dashboard puts information you have been searching for within the NextGen EHR application right in front of you. This tool brings the right data all together to give deep insight into the daily clinic operations. The dashboard brings some of the most common EHR productivity and operations metrics to your fingertips.

  • Incomplete orders with charge
  • Charges not submitted
  • Pending tasks
  • Incomplete telephone calls
  • Incomplete orders
  • Behavioral health sign off
  • Pending portal messages
  • Care guidelines future
  • Report included to automatically print all Metrics for a provider makes managing EHR usage smarter, faster and easier!
  • Notes not generated
  • Documents not signed
  • Incomplete provider test actions
  • PAQ pending items
  • Clinical message manager
  • Care guidelines due
  • Unmatched refills
  • Overdue orders

The EHR Operations Dashboard is designed with practice efficiency
in mind

Take advantage now and discover the many benefits of having this data available at your fingertips.

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  • Reduce time needed to gather data
  • Improve workflow and practice management
  • Bring physicians into compliance
  • Identify areas where additional training may be needed
  • Reduce risk from incomplete visits