Want NextGen® to Run Faster? Get NextGen Hosting with MTS.

Enterprise-level Cloud delivery – specifically for NextGen® users.

Now, your servers can be housed in our secure nationwide data centers and maintained by our experienced engineers.

With NextGen® Hosting, MTS gives organizations like yours additional computing options that work to increase your company’s efficiency and productivity, address data security concerns, and help you avoid the capital expenses that come along with the purchase of state-of-the-art technology.

Get enterprise-level NextGen® hosting.

MTS has developed NextGen® monitoring for applications so we know when the system is not operating optimally – often times before you do. And our engineers are NextGen® IT certified – so you won’t ever waste time explaining how the application is supposed to work.

The most common complaint we hear about NextGen® is that the system is slow. This is why we designed our hosted solution to be the fastest on the market.


Why MTS Stands Apart

Benchmark testing proves NextGen® Hosting runs 35%+ faster!

  • All-Flash Storage
  • Healthcare’s safest Cloud provider


Here’s What is Included:

  • NextGen® Application upgrades
  • Medication/Formulary updates
  • ICD-10 Code updates
  • NextGen® Application and Job monitoring
  • Database copies
  • Emergency after-hours support