Align your entire IT infrastructure

Dedicated IT Care Teams and proven processes make sure all the pieces fall into place.

Comprehensive IT services that work the way your practice works

Our dedicated IT Care Teams work within the specific needs of your practice.

We’ll listen and ask smart questions based on our experience with other practices like yours. Then we’ll help you put together an affordable, manageable plan to meet your practice’s goals.


We’ll assess your hardware and software, shadow your providers and staff, and make sure we understand the roles and technology provided by all of your vendors.

With the perspective of a knowledgeable outsider, we can give you clear recommendations on how to address your IT concerns—those you know about, and those you haven’t seen yet. From security and compliance, to budget, to everyday efficiencies, we help you get the big picture.


You’ve already invested in software and systems that your practice depends on, so let’s get those working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

With expertise and partnerships across a broad range of clinical and business systems, we can target high-impact changes such as training or software updates or configurations to make your investments work for you the way you intended.


If your assessment identifies missing pieces—from security and compliance measures, to cost-saving opportunities, to proven software that addresses your workflow needs—we’ve got you covered.

We can recommend and implement proven solutions, or work with existing or new partners to get you where you need to be.


Make sure technology continues to support your practice, not the other way around.

Your IT Care Team can take care of everyday (and every night) issues with our 24/7 help desk. And for long-term support, quarterly management updates give you proactive recommendations to keep you ahead of the game.

Say goodbye to piecemeal IT

We take your whole IT environment into consideration. That includes the technology and the people it serves.

Security leads every decision

Every patient relationship starts with trust. That’s why every IT decision has to start with security.

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Affordable, reliable hosting on-premise or in the cloud

Your IT hosting needs are as unique as your practice. Whether you’re supporting one location or hundreds, you need affordable, secure, and reliable access to the applications your providers rely on. We’ll help you define, implement, and manage your ideal hosting environment: on-premise, in a public cloud, or in our private healthcare-focused cloud—or any hybrid approach.

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Optimized EHR, clinical, and business applications

Make sure your providers and staff get the most from your investment in business-critical applications. We’ll help you optimize your EHR and other applications so they work the way your practice works and every member of your staff can work at the height of their licensure. And we’ll train your providers and staff to reduce their frustration and increase productivity.

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Fast, responsive 24/7 support aligned to your practice

When patients are waiting, you can’t let technology issues hold up care. Our practice-centered IT helpdesk is available around the clock, whenever you need it. Get fast response online, on the phone, or at your location, anywhere in the United States. With support off your plate, you can free internal IT resources for higher-value work that supports your practice.

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 healthcare support

IT strategy that serves your practice now and into the future

Get strategic technology planning that perfectly complements your practice. Our IT Care Teams can help you build “IT health” by proactively identifying issues and opportunities before they impact your ability to serve patients. We’ll work with your management and IT teams to make sure your systems are protected and help you budget and prepare for the next stage of your business.

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